1  What are the steps in buying a minifigME?

    – Select a head from the colors listed on the Our Products page.
    – Select a body type for that head and add it to your cart.
    – Go through checkout.
    – Add a note with specific instructions (if any) while uploading your pics or at anytime using our Contact Us form.


2  Are your minifigME’s made with new or used parts?

All of the authentic Lego® heads we use for minifigME’s are brand new. Our minifig complete figures are in excellent condition, but being previously owned may have slight flaws. We do not deal in damaged, chewed, etc. pieces.


3  What does my original price get me??

Every minifigME we offer will come complete. You will receive a Free “City Folk” figure included in the original price, or you can upgrade to a more specific fig on the add-a-fig pages. “Cities” come with a minifigME head, torso, and hat or hair. We will be glad to take requests on those when it comes to basic body style etc. and, though we are limited by what variances Lego® offers and our stock on hand, we will do our very best to meet your expectations.


4  What if I want a specialty fig?

All specialty figs, (Pirates, Knights, Police, Firefighter, Western, Native American, Special Agents, Aztec, Forestpeople, Soldier, Samurai, Exo-Force +) have a small upgrade price just to cover our additional costs. They come complete with hat, helmet or hair and an accessory and are picked randomly but again we will do our best to meet your wishes as to which style you’d like.


5  How does it work if I request a more HTF or rare figure?

If you buy a “specialty request” add-on figure: Star Wars (and HTF Star Wars), Harry Potter, Spiderman + you get to choose your favorite fig character from amongst those we have available. We also let you keep the original head, and give you your image on a “blank” brand new head so you can preserve the figure head original.


6  Can I have my minifigME made with something other then LEGO® pieces?

Yes, We can use our minifigME process on a handful of other flat-faced toys, including some Duplo®, MegaBlocks®, Trio® and Playmobile@ — Feel free to ask!!


7  Can anyone use a minifigME?

Many parents will want to get their small children minifigME’d as a keepsake, or their adult children “figged” for a Family Portrait Display so we will happily make a minifigME for kids of any age. But since minifigME’s are made of tiny brick parts, they are not suitable for actual use by very young children.


8  Is this a Lego authorized toy?

While we use only authentic Lego® parts, we are not an official Lego® product and so our minifigME’s are considered custom and therefore “unauthorized.”


9  Do photos really have to be taken in a specific way?

Because of the size and shape of the heads we use MinifigME’s end results are largely dependent upon following a few simple instructions while taking your pics. If you be sure to read and follow the basic “How-To” take photos page before shooting your pictures it will insure you the highest quality minifigME.


10  Do I get a price break for multiple orders?

YES!! If you order 3 or more minifigME’s we will take off $10 for each increment of 3. Also if you want different body types but using the same artwork we can give you a $9 price break for each additional minifigME we make.

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