“HOW-TO” For Your Photos

Since the features on your minifigME are largely affected by the image you provide, your part of making a minifigME is simple but also, because of the shape of the Lego® head, is extremely important! So please be sure to follow the easy 4-step “How-To” guide below. During or after your minifigME order is placed just send us 2 or 3 high-resolution 1-3MB jpg photographs of the face you want used and we’ll do the rest!!


Best Picture Pose Instructions In Order To
Get The Highest Quality minifigME

1.  Hair must be completely off of eyes and eyebrows.

2.  If you can, please keep any direct lighting in front of the person to avoid excess shadowing.

3. Keep face flush and head as straight as possible while looking directly toward the camera …don’t tilt ♥

4.  Be sure to relax your lips then pose with a smile, surprised look, “Ready-to-Rumble,” or give whatever expression you’d like to capture, but without showing teeth or having an open mouth. Then shoot that perfect pic and we’ll be good to go!


“Not So Good” photograph for a minifigME

how not to shoot a photo


“Best Photo” to enhance your minifigME

how to shoot a photo


Now that you have great photos, don’t forget to

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