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Perfect for capturing these early years in your children’s lives! Our kids will only be this age for a split second and one of our minifigME’s can take all their playful dreams of today and hold them for a lifetime.

With a minifigME your child can actually be Luke Skywalker, Spiderman or Harry Potter and put themselves directly into their imaginative play! Keep this magical moment-in-time reflected forever on a Lego®, one of the most beloved toys of all time (and voted Toy of the Century by Forbes Magazine.)

I love to shop for the people who are closest to my heart, and it’s always important to me to give a present that really matters. MinifigME’s evoke the same sentiment as the footprint our kids made in kindergarten or the plastercast of my son’s hand when he was 3… as they just seem to contain the innocence of those days and bring back sweet memories of times past. For less than the price of just a medium sized set, (and long after those bricks have gone into a big box with all the others), this is a keepsake that will be used with every new set you buy and will be treasured for many years to come! You can even minifigME the whole family, put them into a frame and have one of the most original Family “portraits” that you’ll ever see.

Feel free to Buy today!! … and in this all too-busy world please always Remember to take the time to…

Have Some Fun Out There!

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